Summer Solstice

Sunday, June 21, is the longest day of the year 2020.

On this day, the sun, the moon and the earth are in perfect alignment, creating an eclipse in some parts of the world.

The longest day of the year – the Summer Solstice – always occurs between June 20 and June 22, but the precise time shifts each year.

Solstice means: the sun standing stil. The Sun’s position in the sky at noon, does not change much during the days before, on and after the solstice.

For hundreds of years, cultures and people around the world have held celebrations during the solstice.

For many people the Summer Solstice marks a turning point in their life, as it marks the start of the summer season after spring.

In India, it is custom to honour the longest day of the year, by organizing yoga sessions to pay homage to the Sun God Surya.

Yoga is performed to gain strength, love, and happiness, and to correct past wrongdoings.

June 21 is also International Yoga Day!

If you missed my Summer Solstice meditation event, you can listen to the recording of the Summer Solstice meditation here.

Make sure you are in a room or area where you can sit comfortably, quietly and undisturbed, alone or together with other people, for 20 minutes.

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